First HyNEAT Advisory Board Meeting at Hannover Airport

In April, the first advisory board meeting of the HyNEAT project took place at Hannover Airport and brought together scientists from the project with experts from the aviation industry and the energy sector. The first results were presented at the meeting and initial findings and approaches were discussed in a “world café” in line with the project’s subject areas.

Some takeaways from the discussions:

  • The interest in H2-powered aviation for decarbonization of the sector remains very high
  • An important part here is the H2 demand for aviation, which many players in the energy industry have not yet planned for.
  • There are in some cases major challenges with regard to the space required for an H2 infrastructure at airports
  • Close cooperation between the different airports is necessary to use synergies.
  • Requirements for an international H2-powered airline network do not only concern Central Europe, but also countries in North Africa and the Middle East.

Many thanks to all participants! We look forward to continuing the discussions at the next advisory board meeting and presenting the results of the next project phase.