“For EWE, early identification of future hydrogen application fields is a central part of the business. With the HyNEAT project, we see an important initiative to investigate the economic viability and infrastructural requirements for H2-powered aviation in more detail.”

~ Tobias Moldenhauer, Head of Business Development Hydrogen

“Flughafen Hamburg GmbH (FHG) is aware of its special responsibility and is striving to achieve the industry target NetZero by 2035. This requires further innovative technologies and measures, and FHG sees the use of hydrogen (H2) as a key strategic element for decarbonisation – both in its own ground-based traffic and in aviation. To help enable the use of cryogenic liquefied green hydrogen (LH2) in aircraft in the future, a closer look is being taken at the use of H2 as a kerosene substitute and its impact on processes and infrastructure for our airport. We look forward to the collaboration.”

~ Jan Eike Hardegen, Head of the Environmental Department at Hamburg Airport