Second HyNEAT Advisory Board Workshop in Munich

Last week, the second industry advisory board workshop for our research project, HyNEAT, took place in Munich at the TUM Faculty Club. The HyNEAT project investigates future hydrogen (H2) supply networks focusing on integration into renewable energy systems, liquid hydrogen (LH2) supply chains, and future flight networks. In small groups, we discussed the first project results and got valuable feedback from our advisory board. Main insights resulting from the group discussions:

  • The location of the hydrogen production site and the airport’s location are essential for the resulting hydrogen supply volumes and costs.
  • The hydrogen liquefaction plant is a critical component of the liquid hydrogen supply chain with large economy of scale effects. The flexibility of current liquefaction plants is very low and needs further investigation.
  • The resulting LH2 supply costs depend primarily on the H2 demands at airports. It is, therefore, essential to predict future H2 demand for aviation as accurately as possible.
  • The H2 supply chain leads to positive socio-economic effects by boosting employment and income.

After the lunch break, Alejandro de Quero Cordero from the World Economic Forum gave an inspiring keynote speech about the “Airports of Tomorrow” initiative and their work on the “Airports as Energy Hubs” concept.

Thanks to all participants from the project and the advisory board who attended the workshop in person and joined the workshop digitally!