Resource requirements for the implementation of a global H2-powered aviation

With interest in carbon-neutral aviation at an all-time high, one of the main questions being asked is: are there any resource limitations for the implementation of H2-powered aviation on a global scale?

To answer this question, we investigated the energy, water and raw material demands for different scenarios and compared these to the availabilities from a global and regional perspective.


The key findings are:

  • An effective recycling infrastructure and an increase in production especially for iridium is necessary to cover future demands
  • From a global perspective, there are no energy or water conflicts found, but from a regional perspective, the technical potential for renewable energy sources as well as the water availability can be a limiting factor for H2 production depending on the region
  • For regions with water scarcity near the sea, desalination is a viable alternative for the freshwater demand. For regions with low availability of renewable energy sources and freshwater, the import of hydrogen is the most viable option


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