Support for HyNEAT from Pro Aviation

We are pleased to announce that Pro Aviation is supporting our efforts in the HyNEAT research project. Pro Aviation has extensive international expertise in the procurement, logistics and sale of jet fuel (Jet A 1) and advises airlines, airports, service providers and suppliers in the aviation business.

The consulting company sees itself as a neutral player in the market, and is very intensively involved with the issues of sustainability in aviation. As a result, the consultants are in a position to classify overarching interests in future sustainable propulsion systems, in particular hydrogen, in a target-oriented manner, to evaluate them strategically and to design them transparently.

Within the framework of the research project, Pro Aviation is preparing a status quo analysis of German airports with regard to infrastructure, delivery routes, upstream infrastructure and their development potential for hydrogen deliveries and storage.

Within the scope of the study, the specifics of the relationships between producers, airport operators, service providers and airlines in the area of fuel & refueling are to be included, and in connection with this, the findings from the positioning of the market participants with regard to Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

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